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Taiwan Religious Culture Map


Privacy Policy   

Thank you for visiting the Ministry of the Interior’s Taiwan Religious Culture Map website or using the Taiwan Religious Culture Map App (hereinafter referred to “the Service”). To help you understand how your privacy is protected online, please read through the following information carefully:

I. The scope of our privacy policy
  • The following Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use and protection of all personal information provided during your use of the website, but does not apply to other websites that are linked to functions on our site, nor does it apply to managing personnel that are not entrusted by our site.
II. The collection and use of information
  • Browsing information
    Our service does not collect any personal information when the user is browsing or downloading information from our site.
  • Location Information
    Our service uses a variety of techniques to determine the user’s location, including IP addresses, GPS and other sensors (such as sensors that provide our app with nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points, and related information on cell sites). Location information is collected to provide location-based services to our users, and to display map information and related attractions; it will not be used for purposes other than information collection and will not be disclosed to any third parties. You can choose not to disclose your location by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser and device. However, this may result in the disabling of some features provided by our service.
  • App Push Notifications
    If you use the Taiwan Religious Culture Map App, this service will collect your device's promotional code registered with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) to send push messages to you via GCM or APNs on your device. You can choose whether to receive promotional messages in the Taiwan Religious Culture Map App by selecting the appropriate settings.
III. Information Protection
  • The service host system is equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems, and other related information security equipment to protect the site and your personal information. We use strict protection measures, as only authorized personnel who have signed confidential contracts are allowed to access the users’ personal information. Personnel who breach the confidentiality agreement will be penalized according to relevant laws and regulations.
  • In the event that the Ministry of the Interior finds it necessary to entrust other departments in the ministry to provide related services, the ministry will request the department to strictly comply with confidentiality obligations, and implement necessary inspection procedures to ensure these obligations are properly carried out.
IV. External Links on the Website
  • Our service provides links to other websites. All websites linked to our service have their own privacy policy. Our service does not bear any joint responsibility for these sites. When you connect to these websites, the protection of your personal information is covered by the Privacy Policy of these sites.
V. Use of Cookie
  • The Service uses the “Google Analytics” provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”) for website analysis. The Google Analytics uses “Cookies” being saved in the user’s end device to help analyze how users utilize the website. These data are merely used for aggregate analysis of website traffic and user’s behaviors, thereby enhancing the service quality. For the privacy policy of the Google Analytics, please refer to the Google privacy and terms.
  • You can choose not to use the cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser and device.
VI. Amendment to the Privacy Policy
  • The privacy policy of the Service is to be amended from time to time in response to the need. The amended terms will be published on the website.

Security Policy   

Personal Information Collection and Use
Personal information will be used only for specific purpose related to the service we provide and will not be disclosed to any third party in accordance with the Computer-Processed Personal Information Law and other related regulations. When you use our website, we automatically collect the following information: date and time, the webpage you request, URL you are on, browser type, any action (such as downloads, etc) whether that action was successful or not. The information may help improve the efficiency of our website. We monitor any action which may cause a heavy load to our website.

Confidentiality Security and Training
For employees who deal with sensitive and confidential information, and those who are entitled to manage systems because of job requirement, clear division of job in order to disperse rights and duties should be arranged; and evaluation and examination systems should be established; as well as mutual support systems. For employees who resign (ask for leave, suspended from duties), all related matters must follow concerned procedures and the authorization for all systems must be cancelled immediately.

Based on the position and occupational ability of different levels of employees, education and training for information security should be conducted depending on the actual situation in order to make employees understand the importance and all possible risks, and enhance awareness to conform to the relative regulations accordingly.

Information Security Procedure and Protection
We have operating procedures for information security issues, and impose necessary responsibility to employees concerned in order to tackle with these matters rapidly and efficiently. We have informing system for change management of information facilities and systems to avoid loophole in security.

We process and protect personal information cautiously in accordance with related provisions of Computer-Process Personal Information Law. We carry system backup facilities, and update/backup necessary data and software periodically in order to be able to restore all data swiftly in case of damage or failure of saving media.

Management of Internet Security
We establish firewalls to monitor data transmission and resource access between the external and the internal network at our link, and strictly conduct identity recognition operation. Any confidential and sensitive information or document is neither stored in open system nor delivered by e-mail. We periodically examine and inspect internal network for information security, latest virus code and other security measures.

System Access Control Management
We set up password issuance and change procedures depending on operation system and security management requirement, and record it. The information center management staff should assign authorization account and password for employees to log in each system according to necessary authorization of each staff level, and update them regularly.

Copyright Notice   

1. By browsing and using the website or app version of Taiwan Religious Cultural Map (hereafter referred to as “the Service”), the user has fully accepted and understood all the specifications in this notice, all relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China, all international network regulations and common practices, and shall not use the service for any unlawful purpose.

2. For personal and non-commercial purposes, the user may freely browse and use the Service in accordance with relevant laws governing intellectual property rights, or download related information expressly provided by the Service.

3. Without written consent from the Ministry of the Interior (hereafter referred to as the “Ministry”) or the content providers, no business organizations or groups may copy, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, publish or distribute the contents of the Service in any form or format.

4. All copyrights of contents provided in the Service, including texts, images, audio and video materials, software and applications, unless otherwise specified, are owned by the Ministry or have been authorized by the copyright owners, and are protected by the copyright laws of the Republic of China.

5. The service acknowledges the sources of information on our website out of respect for the intellectual property rights of authorized users. If you wish to cite information provided by our website, you may contact the Ministry to inquire the source of information or contact the copyright owners directly.

6. Websites that are linked to our Service through hyperlinks have their own copyright notices, which are established and maintained by those websites.

7. Any personal or non-commercial websites are free to link to our website by providing a hyperlink. Please use the logo of our Service when providing a link to our site.